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Woodbury Commons Outlet Shopping

With rain being predicted for the entire week of our stay in New York, what better thing to do, than board a bus out of Port Authority and head to upstate New York for shopping at the Designer Outlets at Woodbury Commons?

I have been dying to go to these Outlet Stores ever since I first heard of them three years ago. It is the only place in the world that has a Chanel Outlet as well as outlet stores for pretty much every other Luxury designer brand.

The bus ride was easy and uneventful although I struggled to check email on my phone the entire hour ride there.

Woodbury Commons is about as different from New York City as you can get. Gentle rolling hills covered in deep Green trees…it was gorgeous in the misty, rainy weather.

I just knew I was going to find all sorts of bargains and would probably have to ship everything home!

Guiseppe Zanotti Zipper BootsHit Neiman Marcus Last Call first, (all the while being distracted by a 40-minute long text relay with a friend, trying to set up a photo shoot), and only found these Giuseppe Zanotti boots.

While they were VERY cool, and I could actually put them on, I couldn’t walk in them at all, and they were still priced just under $900 (from original retail of over $1,800 I think), so while it was a semi “good” deal, it wasn’t a “great” deal at all, not even for reselling, so I let them go.)

The Balenciaga Outlet was equally disappointing.

As I was anticipating my walk through the doors of Chanel, I overheard another customer asking where the Chanel Outlet was and the employee told her they had closed their doors at Christmas.


I was upset that it took me this long to get to these Outlet stores, and my one “goal” was to hit Chanel, and I didn’t even think to call ahead to see if they were still open!

WHAT a disappointment!

I ended up going into the Prada Outlet and finding a beautiful Baltico Blue Cabas Tote with Silver hardware. I might end up selling it, on my Luxe Purses website, but then again, I’ve been searching for a Prada bag, to call my own, and maybe this one is the one!

Prada Calf Leather Cabas ToteYou can’t always get what you want…
but if you try sometimes,
you get what you need!

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