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What does your Photo say about you?

Have you updated your Avatar photo recently? Or are you still using that photo you took of yourself, with your cell phone?! Or worse yet, do you use a photo of your pet or your child, to define who “you” are as a person, to the world?

Too many people discount the need for “professional” photos in both their personal and business lives. Utilizing the services of a professional Photographer shouldn’t be limited to only Weddings and special occasions. Pro Photographers can give you a “look” that you can’t achieve on your own. There is nothing more unprofessional than using a photo that was taken with your cell phone, as your business Avatar!

I’ll be in New York City from August 3rd through August 7th and already have several photo shoots booked. If you would like to update your Avatar, or need a new Headshot, or need photos for your website, call to book a Photo Session with me. Groups of 10 or more receive a 50% discount off my normal Photo Session prices. Get nine other people to book, and your Photo Session is free!

A good photo is worth a thousand words. Make sure the photos that you share with the World, say something good about you!

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