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What do these three things have in common?

Photos of Balmain Leather Jacket, Glass Building, and Randy Gun

You would never guess, what the three images shown above, have in common.

The obvious answer is: I blogged about all of them…the $25,000 Balmain Leather Jacket, the Residences by Ateliers Jean Nouvel in New York that houses Multi Million Dollar apartments, and my ex-boyfriend, Randy Gun.

Since one is an article of clothing, the other is a building and the third is a person, what could they possibly have in common?

Well, I’ll tell you an interesting story about that…

Every so often, I look at web stats to see where the traffic hitting my blog is coming from.

I started seeing a lot of inbound links, coming from Pinterest, and I wondered how in the hell people were coming to find my blog, off a link on Pinterest?

Then I clicked one of those links. And then I clicked another. Then I found myself laughing out loud!

The answer to the question above is – the Balmain Jacket, the NYC Building, and my photos of Randy Gun, are the most “pinned/liked” images of mine on Pinterest! Someone pinned these images once, and then they were re-pinned by others, and re-pinned over and over again.

One lovely lady on Pinterest (who I don’t know at all) even used my photo of Randy, to illustrate a glowing testimonial about my Photography skills!

I really didn’t want to be involved in yet another online community but found myself sort of forced to join Pinterest. Now I just have to find the time to “pin” some things of my own!

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In similar web traffic/sharing news…Women are apparently loving my photos of Randy Gun!

I came across yet another website called We Heart It, that had the same photo of Randy on it, as above. His photo on that site was tagged: “Guitar, Music, Sexy”.

Randy shouldn’t feel alone though…Other photos posted on my website were tagged the same way and “hearted” including photos of: Luc Carl, Billy Idol, Steven Tyler and me and Todd in our Feliz Navidad Holiday Card outfits!

Check us all out on We Heart It!

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