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Website Boot Camp or Jeff’s Florida Vacation

Jeff Thomas - Outlet ShoppingMy friend Jeff decided to come to Florida for vacation, but little did he know, that by staying with us, he was entering a website “Boot Camp.”

We had just finished designing two websites for Jeff, and he was also the proud owner of a brand new MacBook Pro laptop (which turned out to be the only Mac, ever made, that didn’t work correctly!)

Jeff jumped in with both feet to learn about how to make posts on his blog, how to navigate through his sites, and how to work more productively and efficiently.

Along with work, we did have time to shop as well (if you spend any time with me, you are going to end up shopping…it is inevitable.)

As soon as I picked Jeff up last Sunday, we hit the Miromar Outlet Mall in Ft. Myers and Jeff purchased what he claims is “his favorite shirt ever.”

Then, on Wednesday, we hit the Ellenton Outlets and Jeff walked right into this beautiful Cashmere Coat, that I insisted he needed to purchase. He hemmed and hawed and walked away from it twice, but he eventually gave in, bought it, and walked out of the store wearing it! (Here is a photo of Jeff and his date, ready for a night on the town.)

Jeff is also visiting some of his old friends from Boston, and there is talk of a Thundertrain reunion, this weekend, at some bar in Ft. Myers. Apparently, all of the original members of the Boston band Thundertain, live in Ft. Myers, with the exception of lead singer, Mach Bell.

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