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Urban Photo Shoot in New York City

Jeff Thomas - Rock Shots - by Kevin Shawn Wilson and Mj WilsonMy Musician friend, Jeff Thomas, drove down from Boston, and met us in New York City, so we could shoot some creative photos for his new website.

Photos can make or break a website and if you are using photos to sell yourself, or your product, then they shouldn’t be taken by amateurs, who basically only know how to press a button.

I am always encouraging clients to use a Pro Photographer and work hard to create the strongest images they can, in order to make their websites (and themselves) more interesting.

I had wanted to take Jeff down to Soho, to do some Lifestyle City Photos and Jeff wanted to shoot in Central Park. Kevin doesn’t like shooting against “greenery” and he had already scouted the neighborhood around our hotel, so we ended up doing this shoot on just two different streets.

Of course, I have to show Kevin in action…which means Kevin laying on the sidewalk or in the street to get a shot. (We got a lot of strange looks when he was doing that.)

I have to give a big “Thank You” to all the New York people who were walking on the streets we were shooting on. Most every person who came upon us, walked into the street, so they didn’t come into our shooting area. That was so amazing to us because in Florida, when we are setting up our couples on the beach, for Wedding or Engagement photos, no one seems to think that walking into our frame might somehow ruin our shots (or our Client’s shots.) We couldn’t believe how gracious New Yorkers were while we were shooting.

We even had a lady ask Jeff if we were shooting for his album cover. (Who does albums anymore?!) Another lady even went into her house and came out with her camera, so she could “chimp” shots over Kevin’s shoulder. Since we were done with the shoot by that time, she missed out on that.

Click below to preview a few of the images that we took that day orĀ Click here to view a whole Gallery of photos from this Urban Photo Session.

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