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The Spa at Mandarin Oriental New York

Our trip to New York this year sucked pretty bad.

Kevin ended up having to stay in bed for two full days, because he was so sick. There were no sales going on to speak of, and I had to get up early for acupuncture sessions at least twice during our stay (morning are hard for me!)

Our luck with having good weather during our visits ended this trip, with most days being rainy, cold and windy. Since the rain dampens my shopping abilities, I wondered what I could do while I was there that was different?

Our hotel had a Spa and when I went online to find out about their available services, I came across the Spa at the Mandarin Oriental. One look at this tub and I had to go!

I have made it through life not having massages, and not really seeing the need for them, until I started receiving them to help during therapy.

I figured if I was going to spend money in New York for a massage, I might as well make it the best experience possible.

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental did not disappoint.

The Mandarin suggests that you arrive an hour early for your massage, so you can experience their hydrotherapy, steam and rain shower rooms. These rooms really are an experience that you should share with someone, as I found myself laughing out loud while trying the therapies.

The temperature of the room containing all three of these treatments was hovering at the 110 degree mark. This almost killed it for me since my hot flashes are pretty consistent now. I lasted about 15 seconds in the Amethyst Crystal Steam room, since the temperature was much higher than 110 degrees and I was afraid of passing out! I didn’t want to get my hair wet while trying out the Experience Shower where they have varying water pressure and temperatures that simulate land rain, tropical rain, and fog. That didn’t work because when I started to turn handles, the water hit me from the sides, drenched me from directly overhead, and then the fog almost blinded me. I staggered out of that room completely soaked.

The Vitality Pool - Spa at Mandarin Oriental NYCThen it was time for the Vitality Pool that has oxygen-intensified waters along with hydrotherapy body jets. OH MY GOD! I wish I had one of these in my house! When you turn on the jets for this tub, it feels like you are turning on jet engines. The bubble jets are all over the place and you slip and slide over the metal chairs and rails, trying to experience all of it. I really didn’t want to leave the Vitality Pool, but the signs warned not to stay longer than 15 minutes, because of the heat and possibility of dehydration, so grudgingly, I made my way out to my massage.

After my welcoming water experience, I received a wonderful Therapeutic Massage in a private wood paneled room that overlooked the city. I almost wished it wouldn’t end, but soon it was time to get dressed and head out into the freezing wind and rain again.

Services at the Spa are not inexpensive, but I figured that if I was going to treat myself to a massage, I might as well go for the real experience of it, rather than trying to find a less expensive spa, whose services might have disappointed me in the end.

There was nothing disappointing about the Spa at Mandarin Oriental, and if you can afford to go with your partner or a friend, it would make the experience even more enjoyable!

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