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The Rogue Suitcase

So – we arrive in NYC about 11 am today (and I’ve already been awake for 23 hours straight) and Sandra “MAKES” me take the train and subway into Manhattan, even though I am pushing one 50 pound suitcase and dragging my laptop, camera and zoom lens in another rolling bag. We get on the subway to the city and I’m telling her a story about how strangers always “talk” to me. All of a sudden, this guy across from us starts saying: “Miss – Oh Miss…” I turn and ask what he wants and he points to my large suitcase that is rolling OUT the doorway of the subway onto the platform! I go “WTF” and go chasing after it! Sandra and I collapse into hysterics about how fricking funny it was to see my bag rolling on its own, out the door. That was just the “start” of the day there… AND, I’m sure that guy thought we were crazy.

Then we arrive at Columbus Circle and we need to get out onto the street. Problem is, there is NO elevator and NO escalator. Sandra says: “Just carry your suitcase – it’s only a “few” steps!” Well, it was more like two FLIGHTS of stairs so I drag up my laptop bag to the first landing and collapse with laughter because there is no way I can carry a 50 pound bag even up one step!

The nicest, Irish man came up and said he would help carry my bag for me, I thanked him profusely and he said: “I won’t carry it myself, you can help me!” So, I try to help him up but then I collapse into hysterics again, so the poor man had to take it to the top for me! Many, many thanks to that kind stranger!!!

What a start to this NY trip!

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