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The Power of the Written Word

It’s “official”…I am back to the Blog!

Is there any good excuse for not making a blog post, for over a year and a half? Of course there are dozens of excuses, but the most important excuse I have is, I have no time to do anything anymore! But, I do have a lot on my mind, and I have hundreds of blog post ideas, just waiting to be written.

After such a long hiatus, no time ever seemed like the “right” time, to start blogging again, so I figured New Years Day, 2016, was as good a day as any.

The subject of this short “getting back in the groove” blog post, is all about the power of the written word. As you can see from the feature photo, Trip Advisor says that I am in their top 2% of Reviewers, in the Tampa Bay area.

Wow! Sounds impressive! What’s funny is, I don’t travel that much, and as you can see, I haven’t even blogged since June of 2014. But, even those paltry efforts of mine have apparently landed me in the top 2% of Travel Reviewers in Tampa. Just imagine what would happen if I actually spent some time writing reviews, and blog posts, and stories?!

The posts that I have managed to get online in the past brings me all sorts of emails, and phone calls, from around the world. People reach out to me to get in touch with old friends, they’ve seen on my blog. People email asking for photos, or people send me their comments and memories about having gone to some of the same places that I have. All that plus all my ex-boyfriends have received offers from record companies, to re-release the singles they had put out, back in the day!

I have so many more interesting photos and stories and videos to add to my blog, as well as exposés on the people and companies that waste my time! I figure I can use my blog (and the power of the written word) to vent some of the frustrations I have, dealing with the moronic companies that waste my time, on a daily basis.

So, Happy New Year, and keep checking back for new posts!

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