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The Night of Flying Saucers and Bad Film

Spring of 1977 – I had just quit school, after only one year in Gunnison, and was at home in Glenview, IL, working and saving money for my upcoming trip to London.

My College buddies from Colorado had sent me a care package, so my friend Alex and I headed to my family’s Cottage to hang out and hit some bars, over the State line of Michigan, where it was legal for us to drink.

As you can tell from these photos, we never made it out of the house that night!

Alex trying to “deal” with the Flying Saucers!

I remember being really paranoid and thinking that if we went out that night, we would never make it back alive.

Our Cottage was right on Lake Michigan – only a short walk, over the dunes, and you were on the Beach.

As Alex and I sat on the darkened porch that night, I swear to God we saw Flying Saucers, dipping and spinning all up and down the beach!

Ok. So no one believed that we saw flying saucers, but I’m sticking by that story since I know what we saw that night!

This is also the first and only time that any of my photos have ever screwed up to the point they are. I have no idea why the flash didn’t work, or why there are lines going through the film. Could it have been caused by the flying saucers?!

Daylight brought our sanity back and we rested our weary minds by trying to get a tan down on the beach, although the photos didn’t come out much better the next day either.

Fun Times…

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