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The New York Chupacabra

I’ve found it! The New York Chupacabra…Flavored Creamers for Coffee.

Although flavored coffee creamers have been around for many years, there were none to be found in New York City. In fact, when I was here last May, I could only find flavored water in one Bodega.

When Kelly and I were here last August, I was going down to get us some coffee and I asked her how she liked hers. She asked for two vanilla creamers. I laughed at her saying that no place in New York had flavored creamers.

Well, this trip I found them!

Kudos to the 7-11 on 33rd and Madison as they had not one flavored creamer but a choice of 5-6. And, they’re open 24 hours. Perfect!

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