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The Meatball Shop

The Meatball Shop T-Shirt

I LOVE Meatballs.

I had no idea that I loved meatballs so much…

I am craving meatballs right now!

Kevin and I had watched a show last year called: Consumed: The Real Restaurant Business and it featured The Meatball Shop and its owners, Daniel Holzman & Michael Chernow.

The show was so interesting and their concept so unique, we decided to “add it to our plate” on our next NYC visit.

During our late February visit, Kevin and I went to the UES Meatball Shop on Thursday and went to their LES restaurant on Saturday, with Kelly and Sandra.

The Meatball Shop uptown was larger than its downtown cousin, but both had excellent and fast service.The Hostess at the Upper East Side restaurant ended up turning their heat down, when she saw me fanning myself. That is the only bad thing about NYC in the Winter…every place has the heat turned on high! The Chef at the LES location actually came out to speak to everyone to make sure that everyone’s food was okay. It was more than okay…it was delicious!

The Lower East Side Meatball Shop only has two large family style tables, and a couple of two tops, so you end up sitting side by side, with other parties. This ended up being fun because we volunteered to take photos of other customers to commemorate their Meatball Shop experience!

What would really be awesome was if a Meatball Shop opened somewhere in Florida! Just sayin’!

The Meatball Shop will be first on my list, for my next visit to New York City.

For all things Meatball, visit The Meatball Shop’s website.

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