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The Many Looks of Eric Vichich

I’ve been threatening Eric with this video for so long, and today was his birthday, so I figured there couldn’t be a better time to create this masterpiece!

We’ve known Eric for so long (I think over 14 years?) that he is no longer our “friend,” or Photography “Associate.” We have long since considered him to be part of our family.

Eric was the first (and best) Assistant we ever hired for our company, Tampa Photo. He started out fluffing wedding gowns and carrying our gear, then turned into our second shooter (on larger weddings), then he became our third, primary Photographer. Eric has never missed a job, he never complained and he was never late. Eric is trustworthy, friendly, funny, has a great work ethic, and is always willing to go the extra mile.

When shooting weddings, we occasionally take “set up shots”, where we have someone (usually Eric) stand in a certain spot, pretending to be the bride or groom, so we can get our lighting and shot set for when the couple finally arrives.

At least that is what we told Eric!

What we have accumulated here are a bunch of photos, from countless weddings, showing Eric in hilarious “set up” poses. Also included are “behind the scenes” photos, that we have taken of Eric, and his many hair stylings, from over the years.

“Happy Birthday” Eric! Here is your video.

We hope this video makes people laugh but we are Pro Photographers so if you want to see serious samples of our Wedding Photography work, please visit our Tampa Photo website, to preview hundreds of beautiful photos that Kevin, Eric and I have shot, in and around the Tampa Bay area.

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