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The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds . . . Wasted: A Memoir by Lüc Carl

Lüc Carl’s Book, The Drunk Diet, is available for presale now, through Barnes & Noble. It should be an interesting read, so be sure to grab your hard copy or Nook version of it, by clicking on the image to the right.

I met Lüc via email last year, after I had shared a blog post I had written about him following me on Twitter, and how I thought that he really needed some pro photos taken of himself. Read my original Lüc Carl post here.

I liked Lüc’s blog, his book and his postings, but I told him that he needed new photos, to better market himself, and I offered to do them for him, at no charge, because “I knew how to make pretty boys look good.”

Lüc sent me an email after reading my post, thanking me for calling him “pretty,” but respectfully declined the photo shoot offer, because he already had other photo sessions lined up.

Wish he had given me the chance to shoot, because a year later, I still say I could make him look better in photos, than anyone has to date! Regardless of that, Lüc still belongs in my “Random Hotness” category no matter who photographs him!

To read more about Lüc Carl visit his Facebook Page.

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