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The Cars: Moving in Stereo and All Mixed Up

I don’t know how I forgot all the songs that I loved. Every so often I will stumble across a song and upon hearing it again, all the old memories associated with it come sliding back into view.

The Cars first Album was one of the most brilliant albums that came out in the late 70s. The second side of the album was the best and when I listen to Moving in Stereo which then blends into All Mixed Up, I am instantly transported back to my apartment in Brookline, MA, late 1979/early 1980. I can remember laying in bed, on rainy days, listening to this album, over and over again. Those two songs just “work” together and are sort of transcendental.

Funny thing was…The Cars were a Boston band and I lived in Boston at the time, yet they never played anywhere, so we never got to see a live show. I did meet the drummer, David Robinson, a few times, as he would show up at The Rat, to check out the local bands.

My diary also says that in the Fall of 1979, I called a local radio station that was interviewing the band members, and I talked to Elliot Easton on the air, about doing photos for the band. (Nothing seemed impossible back then!)

Watching videos of The Cars now, I don’t remember Benjamin Orr singing these songs…I had always thought it was Ric Ocasek, who was really the least likely lead singer you could ever imagine.

Also, HELLO! Benjamin Orr was absolutely gorgeous! How did this fact manage to slip by, back in the day?!

Enjoy two of the best songs by The Cars, from their debut album “The Cars”.

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