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Shopping and Museums in NYC

Took my time getting out today. Kevin went to the Museum of Natural History yesterday and an Art Museum today (don’t remember which one but I know it wasn’t the Modern Art one.) Kevin had asked me, before we came up here, if I would go to any museums with him and I said “No”, to which he replied: “Well you can’t shop all of the time.” Stupid statement…he should know better than that!

Found out that Macy’s was only about five blocks away from our Hotel so naturally I walked there! That store kind of freaks me out because there are so many people in there. Our department stores in Florida are like vast wastelands compared to NY stores.

I managed to find a down vest (black of course) so I could wear my kick-ass leather zipper gloves! Problem was, the weather has been so beautiful I haven’t even really been wearing a coat. I heard a local remark today that the weather had been so nice it seemed like Springtime rather than the middle of November.

Found two pairs of jeans (black, again), so I ended up walking back to the Hotel to drop that stuff off.

I also ended up walking by the Empire State Building as it was between my hotel and Macy’s. In all the times I have been in NY in my life, I have never gone there or to the Statue of Liberty. It was kind of funny to just “run into” the Empire State Building on my way to go shopping!

Took the subway up to Bloomingdales and found some remarkable bags on sale. I had so many packages and had to leave for our next comedy show at Carnegie Hall so I asked Bloomies to just ship everything to me. No one there seemed to know how to ship packages (what?!) so that wasted some more time.

I ended up meeting Kevin on some street corner and then we walked over to Carnegie Hall for Kathy Griffin’s show.

Museum of Natural History in New York City

Hmm…I’d much rather look for Purses than look at this!

Shopping in New York City 2011

Christian Louboutin Studded Shoe

So much to do and so little time…This was a day for wandering and shopping. Walked up Fifth Avenue to our first stop which was Saks. I immediately found yet another studded Prada wallet that I want! I already have Red and Black leather Prada wallets with Silver Studs, but this new one was made of Calfskin (and it smelled divine) and it had Gunmetal studs (which is totally different than Silver) and therefore justified my wanting it! Needless to say, I left it behind and then just obsessed over it for the rest of my stay.

Had to stop and take a photo of these Christian Louboutin Pumps to send to Sandra and Lizzie! They were insane!

Next stop was Bergdorf’s where I got to visit with my salesgirl gal pal, Jere Ann Waters. We talked about handbags (naturally) and the need for Botox and Juviderm. (Other customers were quite amused with our conversation!)

At some point in the day, we got cupcakes from Sprinkles which are to-die-for. It was hard to just walk around with them and not eat them straight away.

We wandered all the way up to the high 70s on the Upper East Side. Found Chrome Hearts after walking by it at least three times (it wasn’t worth the walk). Also found a great Consignment Store that had so many designer bags in it. Left behind a Vintage Chanel Tote and a small Louis Vuitton Tote because my friend Rosita said the Chanel looked “old” (it was a vintage bag!) and left the LV behind because Kevin hates anything LV and thinks it won’t sell (which it always does.)

Vintage Chanel Black Caviar Leather Tote and Louis Vuitton Tote

By the end of the night I could barely walk. My legs were giving out on me and I just wanted to sit on the curb and stay there. Which got me to wondering…why aren’t there any benches in NYC anywhere?! I sure could have used a few in our travels.

Luckily we caught the subway back to the Affinia Dumont and crashed with the cupcakes which were a great reward after such a long day!

Cupcakes from Sprinkles Bakery in New York City

Mj & Kelly Do New York

Someone had to do it…I just had to de-virginize another person into becoming a Handbag Ho!

Kelly was complaining about not making enough money, so I showed her how she could make more money, by joining me on my never-ending “quest” for handbags. Doesn’t she look happy spending lots of money here?!

Unlike the last time I was in New York, (where I found nothing to buy except one Prada bag, that I just had to keep for myself) – This time we did some major damage between Saks and Bergdorf Goodman for handbags and then Kelly stepped into the World of Luxury with her first personal Luxury purchase, which was not a handbag! (I am not allowed to disclose what it was, but it was gorgeous and very unexpected!) Once that first step is taken, there is no going back!

We shopped all day on Saturday which made up for the hours of mindless trekking we had done on Friday, down in the Village and Soho. I had a brand new Android phone whose Maps/GPS feature took us over a mile out of our way! Once we got back on track, we celebrated with pizza at Lombardi’s.

We started the day on Friday with cake items from the Magnolia Bakery on Bleeker and then ended the day on Saturday with Cupcakes from Sprinkles on the upper East Side. The jury has returned with the verdict…Sprinkles wins hands down! The cake I had from Magnolia was tasteless and dry while Sprinkles cupcakes were lush and rich tasting! I never eat that much sugar in a day, much less a month, so I was a little queasy from it all.

Kelly editing Mj's Blog Posts

Kelly editing Mj’s Blog Posts

My friend Jeff drove in from Boston on Saturday and pretended to be interested while we were obsessing over handbags and then he dragged us down to the Village (again) later that night, to hear a band. We never made it to that club but ended up getting soaked to the bone, walking to the subway on the way home. I have never been so wet in my entire life. It was worse than stepping out of a shower. ARGH!

We did meet four young boys from Belfast, who were lost on the Subway. They followed us downtown through a few line changes and then we set them off on their own into the Village. Hope they made it back safely.

We ended up back at the Hotel, exhausted, and just dropped to the floor!

Out of amusement I always say that I am going to the “Bodega” to get my coffee and Jeff told me that “Bodega” meant “Whorehouse” in Spanish, instead of Grocery Store, which I thought it meant! Uh…Jeffy – go look on Dictionary.com which shows you are WRONG! So I can still get my coffee from the Bodega!

Kelly left early on Sunday and I walked around a bit through a Street Fair on Lexington and then had to go buy another suitcase to fit all the purses we had purchased.

Tsk. Tsk. Such bad language but SO hilarious!

The trip then ended on a ridiculous note in that my flight was delayed four times at La Guardia. I got a hotel room so I didn’t have to sit in the terminal and then ended up missing my flight, when it finally took off at midnight, instead of 9:00 pm. I finally made it home at about 11 am on Monday.

We stayed at the St. Giles Hotel (The Court) on 39th & Lexington and while it was convenient to Grand Central, I think I preferred it when I stayed at the Empire Hotel further uptown. It just seemed easier to get around from up there rather than having to walk more from the Midtown location of the St. Giles.

The St. Giles was great in that we had a one-bedroom Suite (about 650 sf) for less than $250/night. Again, not as nice or upscale of a Hotel as the Empire was, but it was like having an apartment in the City, which was much nicer to live in for the few days we were there. I already miss being up there, rain and all! It also wasn’t as hot as I expected it to be which was a welcome relief.

Such bad language on this T-shirt we saw in the Village but so appropriate for who I was thinking of, when I saw it!

I lost my (Canal Street) Virginity

I finally got to meet my “Gal Pal” Lizzie who I’ve been working with at Portero.com for over a year. Photos of her do not do her justice at all, as she is just gorgeous in person, (but a goofball when it comes to taking photos!)

We decided to meet up on Wednesday so she could give me a “tour” of the infamous Canal Street, where millions of people apparently shop for designer knock-off handbags that they “think” look like the real thing. I have never been to Canal Street but had to see for myself, what it actually looked like and what kind of products they sold there.

We couldn’t have picked a more miserable day to shop. For all the drizzle we had been having earlier in the week, Wednesday turned into a torrential downpour. I am like a cat in the rain…I can’t stand it. I have never been so wet in my life! I was wet from the top of my head, through the soles of my boots! It kind of went along with the “seediness” that Canal Street projects though.

Rainy Day on Canal Street - New York CityElizabeth and I were both carrying designer bags (me a Chanel and her a Balenciaga) and it was amusing how many people came up to us going: “Louis Vuitton lady? Chanel handbag lady?” They then wanted to show us photos of their “stock” on their phones and then lead us down an alley to see the actual items for sale. Uh. NO! I don’t think so! I’m not walking down any alleyway with a REAL Chanel on my shoulder! I didn’t need to see crap that desperately. And for the record, there is NOTHING worth buying on Canal Street.

People – let me make one thing perfectly clear here…for those of you that purchase these knock-off handbags (whether from Canal Street, a Purse Party or a Flea Market) you aren’t fooling anyone! Those of us that purchase real designer bags can spot a fake from two blocks away. If you can’t afford a real designer handbag or designer watch then purchase a handbag or watch that is within your price range. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Take the time, to save up the money, to buy that luxury item you want. Designer brands go on sale all the time (which is what I resell on my Luxe Purses website). When purchasing designer bags on sale, you might not get your “Dream” handbag, but you will be able to buy into a designer brand, at a much lower price point.

Canal Street - New York CitySTOP with the fakes! It really is so pathetic to see people carrying their fake Chanel bags, so proudly on their arms. I’ve even seen women walk into an actual Chanel Boutique, carrying a fake Chanel handbag on their arm! You are all being laughed at for doing this, so STOP IT!

If you haven’t educated yourself yet, on the knock-off trade and how it hurts people, business AND Children, read about it at the Facebook page of: Fakes Are Never in Fashion.

Being ignorant about this issue is no longer an excuse.