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Fedde Le Grand: Celebrate Life with House

One day, I was looking for a new blog template when I came across this video. I had no idea who Fedde Le Grand was nor what Sensation “Celebrate Life” was all about. I still don’t really understand it, and I’ve heard better house music elsewhere, but I was completely astounded by the amount of people who show up for these events! I think this event had over 40,000 people at it!

If the music was a little heavier/darker, and everyone was wearing black, I would be there in a heartbeat!

Check it out below!

New Year’s Eve in Dusseldorf was unforgettable. Revelers from across the globe welcomed 2011 in the ESPRIT Arena at Sensation ‘Celebrate Life’. One of the nights headliners was Fedde Le Grand, who delivered a great soundtrack and start to the new year.

In this video Fedde shares his thoughts on house music, his first Sensation and features two brand new tracks by the man himself.