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Lillian Axe: Love and War

Whoo Hoo! I found a used copy of the original Lillian Axe Love & War CD (from MCA Records) that has my newest “favorite” song Show A Little Love on it, and it arrived today!

Kevin is beside himself because I have already listened to that one song, four times, on the main CD player and have been under my headset ever since, listening to it over and over and over again….(as well as singing along, much to his chagrin!) Now it’s on my mp3 player and I am off to the gym to hear it again.


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MUSIC: Listen to Show A Little Love by Lillian Axe

MUSIC: Listen to So Far Away by Stiff

MUSIC: Listen to True Believer (Acoustic Version) by Lillian Axe

Lillian Axe: Show A Little Love

I first saw Ron Taylor play with a band called “Stiff”. Until tonight, I didn’t know that most of the band had gone on to join Lillian Axe and I had never heard this song, Show A Little Love until tonight. It’s awesome and makes me wish I had gone to see Lillian Axe more, over the years. This is a Hot song and a Hot video!

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