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Peace Holiday Cards

Peace Holiday Photo Card - Mj Wilson & Todd BallmerDo Blonde’s have more fun?

Seems like we were having a blast doing this Holiday Card Photo Shoot, with our incredible photographer friend, Linda Lazar.

I remember very little from this shoot…it was taken in and around my Townhouse in Redondo Beach and I have no idea whose Dune Buggie that was in the photos anymore than I know who did my makeup or where I got that wig from!

This card was mine and Todd’s homage to the Beatnik Generation. If you look thru the Photo Gallery below, you will see how hard it was for us to pick the “one” image to use for our Holiday Card, but the image to the left made the final cut.

Youtube has blocked my Slideshow video in North America (and other places) so we had to do a Quicktime Movie to load this Slideshow online.

Hope you enjoy the photos here and the Slideshow set to, what else? Suicide Blonde by INXS.

Link to Slideshow after photos.



Click on the image below to see the video (Quicktime required to preview.)