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Talking Heads: Crosseyed and Painless

It’s funny what memories you remember and which ones you’ve forgotten. I saw so many great bands in the past, and I don’t remember the performances for the most part. I know I was at those shows but I don’t remember what happened.

What I do remember about the Talking Heads concert was sitting in the dressing room backstage, while both bands (Talking Heads & The Necessaries) were waiting to go on stage. I was the youngest person there and the only one who didn’t know anyone, (besides Randy), since I was from Boston, and they all lived in New York.

I remember Randy introducing me to the members of the Talking Heads. I remember sitting across from David Byrne and being unnerved by how intensely he stared at me. He didn’t talk at all. He just stared. I also remember talking for awhile to Tina Weymouth, the bass player for the Talking Heads, because I remember her as being the only kind woman I ever met from New York.

Enjoy another brilliant Talking Heads Friday Dance Off song.

Backstage Pass for Talking Heads & The Necessaries

Talking Heads: The Great Curve

I thought I had come to the end of ideas for my Friday Dance Off Songs. Then I saw the Talking Heads on YouTube and thought to myself, that I remembered liking some of their songs…

DEAR GOD! How could I have forgotten how fucking brilliant these songs were?!

This song is called The Great Curve and it’s from the Talking Heads Remain in Light Album, that came out in 1980.

Funny thing is, I saw the Talking Heads in 1979, when Randy’s band, The Necessaries, opened for them. If this album came out in 1980, they were probably playing these songs at that 1979 concert and I don’t remember it at all!

What I do remember is Todd and I dancing to this song, in LA. It is so “House” or “Trance” and this song existed before those words were even used/invented.

Hit the Play button, turn the volume up, and DANCE!

Talking Heads 1979 Concert Ticket