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Ron Taylor Photo Gallery

Ron Taylor - Lead Singer for Lillian Axe & Stiff - Photo by Mj Wilson PhotographyI used to hang out at a Rock Club in Daytona Beach, called The “OP” (The Other Place). On a Tuesday night, some friends and I went in and saw this band called “Stiff”. The band’s tag line was: “It it ain’t Stiff, it ain’t worth a F***.

I don’t think I had my contacts in that night and I kept looking at the singer and asking people: “Is he really that good looking? I can’t see him that well.”

Well, I came back on Friday or Saturday night (or maybe both nights) and wore my contacts and brought my Camera.

Yes, folks, he really was that good looking!

I’m not even going to pretend that I was shooting pictures of the band. My photos were all focused on Ron. I had never seen any lead singer that was as drop-dead good looking as Ron was. From his hair to his face to his eyes to his damn pants that were unbuttoned and folded in…I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him.

I never really talked to him…I think someone ended up introducing us at the Bottle Club, later that night and we made some “passing comments” to each other or, he might even have grabbed my ass, as I walked by him. (That was probably wishful thinking on my part though.)

I did get to meet Jon Ster, one of the Guitarists from Stiff, as a local waitress had a party and all of us ended up at her apartment.

Ron Taylor - Lead Singer for Lillian Axe & Stiff - Photo by Mj Wilson PhotographyI did want to blog these photos but all I knew was that the band’s name was “Stiff”. Thank God for the Internet because I found out that most of the guys from Stiff, eventually joined Lillian Axe.

Then I found an awesome Lillian Axe Rock Video called Show A Little Love (which is now my new favorite song!)

I also found a homemade video, of Stiff playing So Far Away in another local club, in another State. That video shows you the quality of Ron’s voice and it is also funny because I think he is wearing the same pants as in my photos! (Of course I remember those pants!) (Links to the songs are after the last photo.)

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos of this hot, hot guy, as much as I enjoyed taking them!

MUSIC: Listen to Show A Little Love by Lillian Axe

MUSIC: Listen to So Far Away by Stiff

MUSIC: Listen to True Believer by Lillian Axe