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NYC Vacation Crew – 2016

Kelly, Kevin and Sandra at the Flatiron Building

Kelly, Kevin and Sandra at the Flatiron Building

We’ve made it to New York City, every year, for the past six years, except for 2015.

It was way past time to visit again so we grabbed some great flight and hotel deals and headed up at the end of February.

Our friend Sandra, came from DC, to spend four days in the city with us, and my friend Kelly also came for the day, on Saturday, from Pennsylvania.

Saturday was probably the coldest day we had during our visit but on Sunday and Monday, the temps almost hit 60 degrees! So, we were in down coats on Saturday and in flip flops on Monday.

Here’s a pic of Kelly, Kevin and Sandra in front of the Flatiron Building. I had always wanted to see the Flatiron building up close, but it was by chance that we ended up here! We had actually taken a cab from Chinatown to Flying Tiger Copenhagen, only to find that the store was closed due to flooding.

So, we headed back out into the blustery day to find another adventure.

Sandra showed me how to take better photos with my iPhone, so, thanks to her you can actually see their faces in this photo!


Sandra and her ubiquitous modeling pose!

Sandra is also the “Queen of posed photos!” There isn’t a photo that she looks bad in, and the back story on that is…she practices her poses! We had several good laughs over that!

Here is another good photo of Sandra by some flowers. I cut myself out of the photo, because I looked so ridiculous! Sandra, of course, looks perfect!

Sandra also showed up on our doorstep with cupcakes, to celebrate my Birthday! Thank God she did that otherwise we would have missed out on cupcakes entirely, this trip!

On Friday, Sandra, Kevin and I tried in vain to find wholesale bead shops along Broadway. Twenty years ago there were so many stores to choose from. Now most of the bead stores are in the tourist area, near Macy’s, and that means really high retail prices.

pomegranate-mash-webWe did visit an awesome crystal store on Friday, called Rock Star Crystals on 26th Street. I didn’t take any photos but they had a great selection of natural stones and crystals and are definitely worth a visit.

It seems that every time we are in New York, I find a new kind of flavored water to drink, and this time was no exception. I found this great product called “Mash”. The flavor I tried was Pomegranate/Blueberry and it was delicious.

Of course it isn’t available yet in Florida, but I did find it on Amazon.com!

More stories on our NYC adventures to follow!


25th Wedding Anniversary

It is so weird to write those words. It sounds like something that my Grandparents or Parents would celebrate. But today, Kevin and I celebrate it as well.

Over the years, when friends have asked us how long we had been married, we never could remember the exact year, so we always answered: “More than 10 years, but less than 15” and then “more than 15 years but less than 20.” People always seemed so surprised to hear that we had been married for that long. Thinking of how many years we celebrate today, surprises me as well.

Kevin Shawn Wilson & Mj Wilson Wedding Photo

Kevin & Mj – Sanibel Island – September 3, 1988

I met Kevin over 27 years ago, and 25 years ago, on September 3rd, 1988, we were married on Sanibel Island, at sunset, with just a Notary Public and one witness in place.

Considering how many large Weddings we have photographed over the years, our Wedding was the smallest and most intimate we had ever been to. But, we didn’t need anything other than ourselves that day.

Happy Anniversary to my husband, my Lover, my Friend. We have been through a lot together over the past 25 years and I am looking forward to whatever new adventures come our way, during the next 25 years.

Nate Briggs: Kidnapped in Yemen

I took this Actor Headshot of Nate Briggs years ago, just for the hell of it, when he happened to be at our house one day.

Little did I know that Nate would go on to become a featured Actor, on The Travel Channel’s Got Home Alive series!

I have helped a lot of people get into modeling and acting, with my photos and with my connections with local Talent Agents and Production Companies. I’ve helped friends get on Disney commercials, Home Shopping Network Shows, National Product ads, etc.

We’ve always had a good laugh watching my friends navigate through their TV debut, where they always exhibit nervousness and bad acting, at first.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Nate did a really great job in this Kidnapped in Yemen episode. Nate was totally believable in his role and looked very comfortable playing the part.

Click here to watch a preview of the Kidnapped in Yemen episode, from the Travel Channel’s Got Home Alive series.

PS – My great photo of Nate earns him a spot in my Random Hotness category!

A Related Story:

Kevin and Nate have been friends for years and have always wanted to work on a creative project together. They are terrorizing me now, because they have decided to create a “Horror App” for the iPad.

Both Nate and Kevin are in the video for the app…Nate plays the part of a normal person while Kevin turns into a demon.

Kevin and Nate filmed most of the footage in LA last month and then Kevin green-screened his video footage here. The first time he put on his monster makeup, I couldn’t even look at him, because I didn’t want to remember something like that, being in my house. By the second time, I was helping him put the makeup on.

Their iPad App should be done soon, and I’ll be sure to provide a link to it, so everyone else can get scared!

Video Still from iPad Horror App

Jeff Thomas Photo Gallery

A full Gallery of our Urban Lifestyle Photo Shoot in New York City.

Our Family Portrait

At one point in our lives, I realized that we had no “current” photos of ourselves. (Go figure – the photographers who don’t have photos of themselves!)

Kevin Shawn Wilson & Mj WilsonSince I’m not really a “Beach Sunset Photo” kind of gal, I got a referral to a Fashion Photographer and Stylist, through the models I had been shooting, and Kevin and I booked an appointment for our Photo shoot.

The photos are dated now, to say the least, but here is “our concept” of what a Family Portrait should look like!

Why have the same photos as everyone else? Come up with a unique concept for your Family Portrait, and go for it. It makes for great conversation pieces when people visit you at home.

Julliet in Rock Scene Magazine

Found this article from Rock Scene Magazine, back from when Kevin’s band, Julliet, went into the studio to record their first album with Kevin DuBrow, from Quiet Riot, producing. The article and photo of Julliet is by Janet Hammond.

Article on Julliet - Rock Scene Magazine

Front Row: Kevin DuBrow, Frankie Banali – Quiet Riot
Back Row: Jimmy DeLisi, Kevin Wilson, Kenny McGee,
Ty Westerhoff, Morgan Evans – Julliet

Read the entire article, in PDF format here.

Julliet: Boys Will Be Boyz

This was the Music Video for Julliet’s first single, that was produced by Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot.

This video was recorded live, at the London Victory Club in Tampa, FL and was the original lineup of Julliet, that played the Florida circuit. Video by Big Time Productions

Kenny McGee – Vocals
Jimmy DeLisi – Guitar, Vocals
Ty Westerhoff – Bass, Vocals
Kevin Shawn Wilson – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Morgan Evans – Drums

MUSIC: Listen to I’m No Angel by Julliet

Click Here to view my Photo Gallery of Julliet

Julliet: I’m No Angel

I learned everything I needed to know about Aqua Net and Bottle Clubs from these Boys!

This video was recorded live, at the London Victory Club in Tampa, FL and was the original lineup of Julliet, that played the Florida circuit. Video by Big Time Productions.

Kenny McGee – Vocals
Jimmy DeLisi – Guitar, Vocals
Ty Westerhoff – Bass, Vocals
Kevin Shawn Wilson – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Morgan Evans – Drums

MUSIC: Listen to Boys Will be Boyz by Julliet

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