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NYC Vacation Crew – 2016

Kelly, Kevin and Sandra at the Flatiron Building

Kelly, Kevin and Sandra at the Flatiron Building

We’ve made it to New York City, every year, for the past six years, except for 2015.

It was way past time to visit again so we grabbed some great flight and hotel deals and headed up at the end of February.

Our friend Sandra, came from DC, to spend four days in the city with us, and my friend Kelly also came for the day, on Saturday, from Pennsylvania.

Saturday was probably the coldest day we had during our visit but on Sunday and Monday, the temps almost hit 60 degrees! So, we were in down coats on Saturday and in flip flops on Monday.

Here’s a pic of Kelly, Kevin and Sandra in front of the Flatiron Building. I had always wanted to see the Flatiron building up close, but it was by chance that we ended up here! We had actually taken a cab from Chinatown to Flying Tiger Copenhagen, only to find that the store was closed due to flooding.

So, we headed back out into the blustery day to find another adventure.

Sandra showed me how to take better photos with my iPhone, so, thanks to her you can actually see their faces in this photo!


Sandra and her ubiquitous modeling pose!

Sandra is also the “Queen of posed photos!” There isn’t a photo that she looks bad in, and the back story on that is…she practices her poses! We had several good laughs over that!

Here is another good photo of Sandra by some flowers. I cut myself out of the photo, because I looked so ridiculous! Sandra, of course, looks perfect!

Sandra also showed up on our doorstep with cupcakes, to celebrate my Birthday! Thank God she did that otherwise we would have missed out on cupcakes entirely, this trip!

On Friday, Sandra, Kevin and I tried in vain to find wholesale bead shops along Broadway. Twenty years ago there were so many stores to choose from. Now most of the bead stores are in the tourist area, near Macy’s, and that means really high retail prices.

pomegranate-mash-webWe did visit an awesome crystal store on Friday, called Rock Star Crystals on 26th Street. I didn’t take any photos but they had a great selection of natural stones and crystals and are definitely worth a visit.

It seems that every time we are in New York, I find a new kind of flavored water to drink, and this time was no exception. I found this great product called “Mash”. The flavor I tried was Pomegranate/Blueberry and it was delicious.

Of course it isn’t available yet in Florida, but I did find it on Amazon.com!

More stories on our NYC adventures to follow!


Mj & Kelly Do New York

Someone had to do it…I just had to de-virginize another person into becoming a Handbag Ho!

Kelly was complaining about not making enough money, so I showed her how she could make more money, by joining me on my never-ending “quest” for handbags. Doesn’t she look happy spending lots of money here?!

Unlike the last time I was in New York, (where I found nothing to buy except one Prada bag, that I just had to keep for myself) – This time we did some major damage between Saks and Bergdorf Goodman for handbags and then Kelly stepped into the World of Luxury with her first personal Luxury purchase, which was not a handbag! (I am not allowed to disclose what it was, but it was gorgeous and very unexpected!) Once that first step is taken, there is no going back!

We shopped all day on Saturday which made up for the hours of mindless trekking we had done on Friday, down in the Village and Soho. I had a brand new Android phone whose Maps/GPS feature took us over a mile out of our way! Once we got back on track, we celebrated with pizza at Lombardi’s.

We started the day on Friday with cake items from the Magnolia Bakery on Bleeker and then ended the day on Saturday with Cupcakes from Sprinkles on the upper East Side. The jury has returned with the verdict…Sprinkles wins hands down! The cake I had from Magnolia was tasteless and dry while Sprinkles cupcakes were lush and rich tasting! I never eat that much sugar in a day, much less a month, so I was a little queasy from it all.

Kelly editing Mj's Blog Posts

Kelly editing Mj’s Blog Posts

My friend Jeff drove in from Boston on Saturday and pretended to be interested while we were obsessing over handbags and then he dragged us down to the Village (again) later that night, to hear a band. We never made it to that club but ended up getting soaked to the bone, walking to the subway on the way home. I have never been so wet in my entire life. It was worse than stepping out of a shower. ARGH!

We did meet four young boys from Belfast, who were lost on the Subway. They followed us downtown through a few line changes and then we set them off on their own into the Village. Hope they made it back safely.

We ended up back at the Hotel, exhausted, and just dropped to the floor!

Out of amusement I always say that I am going to the “Bodega” to get my coffee and Jeff told me that “Bodega” meant “Whorehouse” in Spanish, instead of Grocery Store, which I thought it meant! Uh…Jeffy – go look on Dictionary.com which shows you are WRONG! So I can still get my coffee from the Bodega!

Kelly left early on Sunday and I walked around a bit through a Street Fair on Lexington and then had to go buy another suitcase to fit all the purses we had purchased.

Tsk. Tsk. Such bad language but SO hilarious!

The trip then ended on a ridiculous note in that my flight was delayed four times at La Guardia. I got a hotel room so I didn’t have to sit in the terminal and then ended up missing my flight, when it finally took off at midnight, instead of 9:00 pm. I finally made it home at about 11 am on Monday.

We stayed at the St. Giles Hotel (The Court) on 39th & Lexington and while it was convenient to Grand Central, I think I preferred it when I stayed at the Empire Hotel further uptown. It just seemed easier to get around from up there rather than having to walk more from the Midtown location of the St. Giles.

The St. Giles was great in that we had a one-bedroom Suite (about 650 sf) for less than $250/night. Again, not as nice or upscale of a Hotel as the Empire was, but it was like having an apartment in the City, which was much nicer to live in for the few days we were there. I already miss being up there, rain and all! It also wasn’t as hot as I expected it to be which was a welcome relief.

Such bad language on this T-shirt we saw in the Village but so appropriate for who I was thinking of, when I saw it!