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Maria Valdez (Jeanne & Mj)

I met my friend, Jeanne Miller, sometime back in my Boston days and I always knew her as a Blonde, who wore crazy outfits, out to the Rock clubs.

Biggest surprise of all, was when Jeanne moved out to LA. She was one of the people who I thought would never leave the East Coast, yet she was one of the first to migrate out West.

Mj Wilson with Jeanne Miller as "Maria Valdez"Jeanne dyed her hair Black, when she moved to LA, which prompted me to tell her one day, that she looked like someone who would be named “Maria Valdez”, because of the outfit she had on.

“Maria Valdez” became  a “reference” name after that, for a certain look, that we tried to capture here.

We never went out in these outfits…we just sat around taking photos in them apparently!


Some Like it Punk Fashion Show Video

Video footage, by Jan Crocker, from the Some Like it Punk Fashion Show, March 1980, at Spit Nightclub in Boston (video shows the incorrect date.)

If you look really hard, I show up in the video shooting photos backstage and off the catwalk.

Click here to view my Photo Gallery from this Punk Fashion Show

Some Like It Punk Fashion Show

Some Like It Punk Fashion Show - Spit Nightclub - Boston, MA - Photo by Mj Wilson PhotographyBack in March of 1980, I was hired to photograph a Punk Fashion Show at Spit Nightclub, in Boston, MA.

My friends Jeanne and (Rude Boy) Andy, were models in the show and my roommate Krystyna did makeup for the show.

This was my favorite photo, because I love the look on the faces in the crowd when Jeanne and her friend came onstage in underwear.

It was a pretty wild night at one of Boston’s most popular clubs.

I actually ended up using these Fashion Show images for a Music Video I created for Skin Tight by the Peter Dayton Band. As I was uploading my video to YouTube, I found actual video footage, from this same Fashion Show!

The video footage is a lot “racier” than my images are and makes this look more like a soft-core “porn” Fashion Show, rather than a Punk Fashion Show! Nonetheless, the footage is interesting and Krystyna and I even show up in it, at different intervals. (Don’t blink or you’ll miss us.)

I’ll add a link to the video footage from this Fashion Show as well as a Gallery of my images below. I couldn’t find all the negs so most of these were scanned from contact sheets, hence the weird look to some of them!

I also love the photo below, which shows my friend Andy, smack dab in the middle of all the models! (Seems he was always fighting to get in that spot!)

Some Like It Punk Fashion Show - Spit Nightclub - Boston, MA - Photo by Mj Wilson Photography

Photos from “Some Like It Punk” Fashion Show – Spit Nightclub – Boston, MA – 3/19/1980

Click the image below to read an article on the LA Punk/New Wave Music Scene that used two of my images from this Punk Fashion Show as illustrations.

Whip It Article about Punk / New Wave Music Scene in LA - Images by Mj Wilson

Click here to watch the video of this Punk Fashion Show (Video by Jan Crocker)

Boston: Part Two

Images from the second time I lived in Boston and all my crazy musician and club friends. Seemed that every night was just another excuse to party!

Check out the Images below.