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The INXS Groove in NYC

I never thought it would be hard to find someone to go to the INXS Concert with me in NYC, especially since I had fifth row seats.

First Todd turned me down because he didn’t like the new lead singer…then Miss Lizzie turned me down because she was moving, then Randy turned me down because he couldn’t bear to see INXS without Michael Hutchence…(but he could bear to see Paul McCartney without George Harrison being there, which doesn’t make sense at all.)

Thank God I thought to call Kelly one day just to say hello, and found out she was a huge INXS fan! My date was set!

The INXS Concert at the Beacon Theatre was fabulous. We were on our feet for the entire night just grooving to them. I found that you really can’t dance to INXS, you just groove to their sound!

They started out with a two-drum solo and then launched into Suicide Blonde (a personal favorite of mine!) And, for the record, JD Fortune is a great lead singer and handled the job quite well. He is a cute guy and fits right into the group. No one will ever replace Michael Hutchence but the band and their music live on and I’m happy they do.

If you have the chance to check out INXS on this tour, don’t miss out.

UPDATE: Just posted two videos I found on YouTube from our NY show and the show from NJ. Check them out following this post.