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Kid Rock: Bawitdaba

Most songs that I like have some sort of “story” attached to them. Bawitdaba by Kid Rock is no exception and the story that I associate with this song is rather hilarious.

Ages ago, on one of my infrequent visits to my hometown of Chicago, my brother David and I were out visiting neighbors and friends and we went over to Mike Dibo’s house, towards the end of an evening. It was really late and Mike’s family was already asleep but Mike was still up and wanted us to come over and hang out for awhile.

While we were talking I noticed a Boom Box on the floor with a bunch of CD’s around it. I got up to look at them and saw the Kid Rock CD. I was surprised that one of David’s friends actually liked harder Rock music, since my brother was more of a Billy Joel fan.

I asked Mike if the CD was his and he told me he loved Bawitdaba. I told him that I loved that song too and asked if we could play it. Mike said ok, so I put the CD into the Boom Box. Mike and I sat there getting into the song (and singing some of the lyrics), while David looked at us kind of confused and then perplexed. To David’s credit, he made it through the opening and the first verse of the song. I don’t know if it was the lyrics that set him off, but just as we got to the first chorus of “Bawitdaba…” David got up and pulled the Boom box power cord out of the wall!

It was quite a shock to go from the thick of that song to total silence. Mike and I sat there open-mouthed, staring at David, and then we started cracking up! Both of us asked David what his problem was, and David said the song was “Crap!”

I think Mike was surprised to find out that his friend (and my brother) didn’t really have an open mind about new music. I was surprised to find a musical kindred spirit with one of my younger brother’s friends!

I told Mike that if I ever went to a Kid Rock Concert, I definitely knew who I would be calling to come with me to the show! Years later, I actually did get to see Kid Rock when he opened for an Aerosmith concert in Tampa. Too bad Mike wasn’t there to share the experience!

So while I don’t remember any football games that I went to of Mike’s, I do remember sharing this Kid Rock “Moment” with him!

My Name is Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid Rock……………………

Kid Rock - Bawitdaba Rock Video

My 15th Birthday Smackdown

My 15th Birthday Smackdown (Party)!

Welcome to my Surprise 15th Birthday Party!

I have no idea what is going on in these photos, but yes, that’s me, in the Red shirt, being attacked on the couch, by no less than five people! Maybe they were trying to prevent me from leaving?!

Pictured here is Karin Gardner, Mark Merrill (I think), Chris Cullitan, Kevin Fritsche and Linda Steigerwaldt (my friend, who had the pool stick aimed at my jugular!)

My good friend and neighbor, Val White, threw this “Surprise” party for me, so I have her to thank for all that happened that night. (Wish I would have known about it so I didn’t dress like such a dork for it!)

These were all kids we’d been in school with, since the 7th Grade at least, and it made for one interesting get together (apparently!)

I also remember that my best friend Ann and I liked these two older guys and I have a vague memory of them showing up later that night, and it seemed so out of place, yet cool in a way. I also seem to remember some sort of make-out session, with that older boy, in a back store room, while the rest of the party carried on without me!

Enjoy the Photos!

Glenbrook South High School Girls Basketball Team

Glenbrook South High School Girls Basketball Team

Last week, this image came via email from Classmates.com. Once again, the photo brings back the memory, because I had totally forgotten that I actually was on the Girls BB Team in High School!

Once I started thinking about this blast from the past photo, I remembered that I was trying to be a smartass in this photo, because I was stooping down so I looked shorter than everyone in the back row!

And no, that is not me in the dark sunglasses (good idea though!) I was rockin’ the Axl Rose bandanna headband look, long before Axl started doing it.

I also remembered that my friend Eileen Pillman and I made some kind of big “play”, in the middle of a game, and after we scored the point, we both walked off the court and quit the team! I guess we thought we were too cool to keep playing on the team, but remembering that now, makes me think about what assholes we must have been.

I never would have remembered half the names that are listed here but seeing the names and the faces together, brings back memories of how those people talked and acted. I think that one of these girls also squealed on me to our Coach, and got me busted for smoking cigarettes!

Tsk. Tsk.

And then, I had to make up some huge lie to tell my Coach, about why she couldn’t tell my parents about it, because they would probably remove me from the school and then I wouldn’t be able to be part of her “Senior Leader” program anymore.

So, between the headband fashion, and quitting the BB team mid-game, and then getting caught smoking, and then lying about why the story couldn’t go further, I really was not the poster child example for younger girls to follow!

Glenbrook South Homecoming Dance with Skip & Eddie

Homecoming Dance with Skip & Eddie

I found these photos and for the life of me, I have no idea how they came to be!

As I said in a previous blog post, I have known Skip & Eddie for a long, long time. We saw them all the time, whenever we were at our Cottage in Indiana, where they lived. I had always assumed they were cousins of mine, since my parents, made us call their parents, “Aunt and Uncle.”

Yet, here they are, with Val White and me, as our “dates” for our High School Homecoming!

I don’t remember asking them to come…I don’t know why this happened at all!

Glenbrook South Homecoming Dance with Skip & Eddie

Gotta love those “Pimp” shoes on Skip!

My Mother absolutely adored both of these guys so maybe she thought they would make good “dates” for us?! That sounds like a plausible story, so I am going to think that she was the one who invited them to come and take me and Val to the Homecoming Dance. (How embarrassing is all that?!)

Being the nice guys that they were, of course Skip & Eddie came to Chicago, to take care of the deed! I think my Dad even gave us money for dinner and it might have been the first (and last) time I ever ate lobster. I do not remember the dance at all, but I guess the photos do show that we went and they were there to go with us.

Glenbrook South Homecoming Dance

I think I was 14 in this photo! (Turns out I was 13)

UPDATE: I have talked to Val about this and she remembers us getting a lot of grief from our school friends for importing dates for the Homecoming Dance! Ah…always the rebels!