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Dwight Twilley: Twilley Don’t Mind

Dwight Twilley’s album, Twilley Don’t Mind, predates any of my boyfriends, so I’m sure one of them didn’t turn me onto Dwight’s music. I probably bought the record because I thought Dwight Twilley looked cute! And for that reason alone, I think he deserves a spot in my “Random Hotness” category.

I remember thinking that Mark Ferrick looked a lot like Dwight Twilley. Mark Normand told me that people always thought that it was him on this record cover. I never noticed the similarities before but I see them now.

It already seems like I dated the same type of guy, throughout my life…the only difference being their names, and sometimes those were even repeated. Now I discover, that I also liked the music of singers, who looked like the guys I dated!

Enjoy some great Pop songs by the Dwight Twilley Band.

Listen To: Trying to Find My Baby – Dwight Twilley Band

Listen To: Looking for the Magic – Dwight Twilley Band