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Bill Burr at the Tampa Improv

Comedian Bill Burr

My favorite Comedian, Bill Burr, is coming to the Tampa Improv on Monday, April 15th.

I had been waiting for him to announce a South Florida date so I was super excited to hear he was actually coming to Tampa.

If you haven’t had the chance to see Bill perform live yet, do yourself a favor and head out to one of his two shows on the 15th.

I guarantee you will laugh yourself to tears listening to his rants!

Kevin and I are already on the list for the 10:15 pm show, and we hope to see a lot of our friends there!

Here is a video of Bill performing on Conan where he does his bit about why he doesn’t like Steve Jobs.

Photo Op with Comedian Bill Burr

Comedian Bill Burr and Kevin Shawn Wilson at the Orlando Improv

Not only did we get the chance to see our favorite Comedian perform live again, we actually got to meet Bill Burr after his September 8th Show at The Improv in Orlando.

Kevin is usually not very demonstrative, so why he chose to make such a silly face in this photo, is beyond me!

At least Kevin had the balls to have his photo taken with Bill. I was so nervous, all I could do was shake Bill’s hand.

We saw Bill at Carnegie Hall last year but it seemed that he was funnier during his Orlando show. I laughed so hard that night my throat was sore!

What surprised me most that night was how different Bill is offstage. I guess I always expect entertainers to be the same person offstage that they are on stage, but they rarely are. Bill’s comedy is so opinionated, and he is so loud and in your face during his stand up show, but he is very soft spoken when you actually meet him.

It was very generous of Bill to stick around after his Orlando show to meet and greet his fans. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet him in person and we even bought a second copy of his Comedy DVD Let it Go, just so he could autograph it for us.

If you haven’t seen Bill perform live yet, you can find out his Show schedule, buy his Comedy DVD’s, or listen to his Monday Morning Podcast on the Bill Burr website. Or better yet, check out his recurring role on Breaking Bad.

To get a dose of Bill Burr humor check out his hilarious bit on Muffins below!

Bill Burr at the Orlando Improv

Comedian Bill Burr - Monday Morning Podcast

Bill Burr, my favorite Comedian, is bringing his caustic, uber-funny, comedy rants to the Orlando Improv in September.

Grab your tickets now for one of his multiple shows on September 7th, 8th, and 9th.

We saw Bill perform at Carnegie Hall last November and he received a standing ovation, coming in and going out of his show.

If you can’t make any of the Orlando shows you can still get a dose of Bill Burr humor by listening to the Monday Morning Podcast on his website.

Bill Burr: Let It Go

I love Comedian Bill Burr and I am so mad that we couldn’t go to his show in Washington, DC this weekend, because Kevin had two weddings to shoot. Bill was recording material for a new DVD and it would have been great to be there for the show’s taping.

Since we couldn’t go to the show, I bought two of Bill’s Comedy DVD’s.

If you want to laugh, you will love Bill Burr.

If you are one of those people who think about conspiracy theories, you will love Bill Burr.

If you are a middle-aged guy with a lot of issues, you will love Bill Burr.

If the bullshit you go through in normal life makes you angry, you will love Bill Burr.

If you are too cheap to go see Bill Burr live, then you need to buy his Comedy DVD’s.

Bill Burr’s Live Let It Go DVD is laugh-your-ass-off material.

Instead of providing my own link to purchase this DVD, if you visit Bill Burr’s website, and click on his Podcast page, and scroll down to the bottom of the right hand column where it says you can buy his Let It Go DVD on Amazon.com – If you click on that link to purchase his DVD, (or anything else on Amazon.com,) Bill donates 10% of sales to the Wounded Warriors Project. Once on his Podcast page you can listen to his Monday Morning Podcasts (Bitch Sessions) as well.

If you don’t click the link to purchase the Let It Go DVD on Bill Burr’s website, then GFYS. You will have to become a Bill Burr fan to know what GFYS means!

Bill Burr at Carnegie Hall

Bill Burr at the New York Comedy Festival - Photo by Warren Kneissl

We were so looking forward to Comedian Bill Burr’s show at Carnegie Hall that we based our whole trip to New York around it!

Bill’s Show at Carnegie Hall was supposed to start at 7:30 pm so we thought it smart to leave our hotel (on 34th and Lexington) at 7:10 pm.

We quickly found out how crazy Friday night traffic in New York is.

We walked up to Park to catch a cab…then we went down to take the subway…then we went back up to catch a cab…then we argued about which way was the best way to go and went back down to take the subway, only our Metro passes wouldn’t work, because we had just used them.

We went back up to Park and again tried to hail a cab. Some local guy just laughed at us asking “why” would we think we could get a cab, on a Friday night, when everyone is trying to go home from work?

So, we walk back to the hotel, so the doorman can get us a cab. We finally get one and then get caught in the most miserable traffic jam. We were already 10 minutes late for the show and I was so tired from walking all day, I didn’t think I could walk anymore…but walk we did…we jumped out of the cab (cause the driver told us we were only two blocks away), and we ended up walking about 5-6 more blocks to get to Carnegie Hall.

Luckily, Bill had two comedians who opened for him so we didn’t miss any of his show.

New York Comedy Festival Tickets for Bill Burr at Carnegie Hall

We had incredible third row Center seats for the show and don’t ask my why I didn’t shoot any photos or videos because I don’t have an answer! I found the photo of Bill onstage on Bill Burr’s Facebook Page and it was taken by Warren Kneissl.

This was the first time Bill Burr had ever performed at Carnegie Hall and he got a standing ovation coming into and leaving the sold out show. The show was “fucking excellent” as Bill would say himself!

If you haven’t heard any of Bill’s comedy yet, do yourself a favor and watch some of it on YouTube or buy one of his DVD’s. They were filming the night of his show so hopefully that will come out on DVD soon. Bill offers a weekly Monday Morning Podcast that you can listen to on his website – BillBurr.com.

Even though I was nearly crippled from walking all day, after the show we ended up walking more blocks, towards Times Square, so we could catch one or two subways home…

I remembered then that I hadn’t had anything to eat all day, except for the sugar lunch I had with Elizabeth. So what was waiting for us when we got back to our room? The cupcakes I had bought at Crumbs earlier in the day!