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Creative Family Photo Shoots: The Arlund Family

Chuck Arlund and Family - Xmas 2011

I love my friend Chuckie! Not only does he make me laugh all the time, he is a brilliant photographer and does some of the best fashion imagery around. His wife Kristina, is an uber-talented MAC Makeup Artist and his three kids are all named after Rock Stars (seriously, they are!)

I saw Chuckie’s Family Holiday Photo posted on Facebook, so I just had to nick it and show it here. I laughed out loud when I saw it, because it is so creative and really showcases his family in a true light!

Forget about the “Blue Jeans and White Shirts on a Beach” Family Photo Shoot. Think how much fun it would be to try and outdo all your friends and family, for who has the most creative Holiday Card.

In my book, the Arlund Family wins, hands down, with extra points for the Baby being thrown in the air!