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Swingers Resort Photo Gallery

These images of Swingers Resort, were taken in Boston, at WBCN’s Third Annual Rock ‘N Roll Rumble. I had met Mark Normand, the Bass Player for Swingers Resort, the month before, during the first leg of my Boston/New York “Reunion Tour” and I came back to Boston again, to stay with him, and watch his band play this show.

The funniest thing about this show was that Mark split his pants while playing on stage! I don’t remember if he was wearing my pants or his (yes, we all shared clothes back then!) but his friends wouldn’t let him hear the end of it that night! Thank God for Photoshop that I could now “fix” that issue for him!

I only found one color photo from this gig but I assume if there is one, there is more…I just have to find them first! Swinger’s Resort was Tim Hayes on Guitar, Mark Normand on Bass, and Tom Bull on Drums.

Click on an image below to preview the Photo Gallery of Swingers Resort.

WBCN Boston - Third Annual Rock 'N Roll Rumble

Click Here or on the above image, to view the PDF file for WBCN’s Rock ‘N Roll Rumble Band Lineup

MUSIC: Listen to Strange Ways by Ace Frehley (Mark Normand on Bass & Lead Vocals)

Click Here to view my Photo Gallery of Mark Normand

Click Here to view other Photos from this visit to Boston

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