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Steven Tyler for Andrew Charles

Steven Tyler for Andrew Charles

I am admittedly an Aerosmith / Steven Tyler fan. However, that does not mean I am crazy and follow whatever it is that he does, nor is Steven Tyler on my mind, on a daily basis. That simple fact makes this next story hilarious!

Chelsea and Steven Tyler for Andrew Charles exclusively at Macy'sSo – I’m shopping at Macy’s in New York City on a Saturday afternoon. I never go to Macy’s in Florida except for right before I left, I found this really cool (black) hoodie in the men’s department that is my new “go to” jacket.

As I’m wandering through Macy’s, just sort of wasting time and looking at everything, (just to say I had looked at everything), I meander into the men’s department. I start looking at jackets and then I spot some clothing out of the corner of my eye. I walk over to this display of studded jackets and T-shirts with cool designs on the front. I decide that they are definitely “rocker looking” but don’t see anything that I want to buy right then. I’m not a label snob, but I check out the name of the clothing designer and it is Andrew Charles. I wonder who in the hell Andrew Charles is, and just make the mental note to check up on it later.

Flash forward to the next day…I am on Google trying to find something about a store in New York, and I come across some links to Steven Tyler. Of course, being the Steven Tyler devotee that I am, I get distracted from my original mission and I click on the link to find out what it will tell me about Steven Tyler.

Mia Tyler, Steven Tyler and Chelsea Tyler at Macy'sImagine my shock when I read that just a month before, Steven and his two daughters (Mia and Chelsea) were at the Macy’s in Herald Square to launch the new clothing line, by Andy Hilfiger, called Andrew Charles. Apparently Steven collaborated with the Hilfigers on that clothing line and/or Steven was the inspiration for this rock and roll-tinged sportswear collection!

I constantly amaze myself that unconsciously I make the same choices over and over again or I end up liking the same things that I have previously liked.

So, I end up being influenced by Steven Tyler, sometimes, without even knowing it. I like Steven Tyler and I liked the new Andrew Charles clothing line, not even knowing that Steven Tyler was the inspiration for it.

Seems that I did miss out on the best part of this story though…Apparently people who had purchased Andrew Charles clothing prior to the Grand Opening on October 14th, 2011, received “Backstage Passes” so they could have their photo taken with Steven Tyler.


I would have flown to New York and bought the clothing just for that opportunity!


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