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Shopping in South Florida

The City of Weston, Florida

While I love visiting and shopping in New York City, I also love shopping in South Florida, from Palm Beach Gardens all the way down to Miami.

I was in New York in February, and I’ve been down to Miami/Ft. Lauderdale at least two, if not three times since then. Frankly, it’s easier to get around in Florida (since I can drive my own car and not have to rely on the Subways and walking to get around) and the shopping finds are much better down here.

My Luxe Purses company has been having Handbag Flash Sales every two weeks on Beyond the Rack, so I have to constantly be purchasing new purses to put into our sales. So, I don’t need a better excuse than that, to hit the road and drive South!

Every time I head South, I usually end up staying in the gorgeous City of Weston. It is only five miles away from one of the largest outlet Malls but it has this wonderful, planned community feel to it, that just makes you feel welcome. Friends of ours used to live in Weston which is how we first came to visit here.

The thought has actually crossed my mind lately about moving down to South Florida. I travel down here so often, I might as well own a house here, as I would also save on time and gas money. I travel so much that I have been half-kidding Kevin, that I need to have a “driver” to get me around! (Trust me, I wouldn’t turn one down!)

For people traveling to the South Florida area, book your stay in the Weston area. You won’t regret it.

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