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Shoes as Weapons: Sam Edelman Studded Pumps

Sam Edelman Studded High Heels

Eenie – Menie – Miney…Moe…

Sam Edelman Roza Studded High Heels

I hate open toes!

It was quickly decided that I would either maim myself or draw blood, in less than five minutes, if I wore these studded High Heels by Sam Edelman.

While they might look great (minus the nerdy half nylon look), they were totally uncomfortable to wear.

I had my moment of clomping up and down the aisle, in one shoe, then I took it off and went and bought a more sensible purse instead!

The Peep Toe Pumps pictured above are called the Lorissa and the closed toe High Heel, to the left, is called the Roza.

All styles are on sale at Zappos.com for those of you who are more adventurous than I am!

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