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Rock Shots

How appropriate this joke is for my blog!

I’ve had very few boyfriends in my life that weren’t musicians. I tried but they just couldn’t keep my interest long enough.

While I have ALWAYS loved Aerosmith (much to everyone’s chagrin), my musical tastes have run the gamut from Pop to Rockabilly to Punk and New Wave to Rap and even Disco, for a very short while.  When the 80’s were in full swing, I gave myself over to the driving rhythms of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal where the shows and guitar sounds got bigger, and there was much bigger hair. Eventually the boys all started wearing more makeup than I did!

I also found this poem, years ago, called Boys With Shiny Shoes, that pretty much summed up how I felt.

I hope you enjoy the images I have taken and the stories I have to tell.

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