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Road Warrior Photo Shoot

Road Warrior Photo Shoot - Todd Ballmer & Mj Wilson - Photo by Mj Wilson PhotographyTodd and I had an OBSESSION with Mel Gibson and the movie Road Warrior. I lost count of how many times we saw that movie (maybe 70+ times?!) We went to see it, over and over. We took all our friends to see it. We bought the video of it. We raced our cars home after the movie. I can quote exact lines from the movie: “Two days ago I saw a rig that would haul that Tanker. If you want to get out of here, you talk to me.”

We don’t know if it was the post-Apocalyptic landscape or the leather clad boys on motorcycles, or just Mel Gibson himself, that turned us on to that movie, but we were HOOKED! Our wardrobes even started to incorporate bits and pieces of “Road Warrior” accessories!

Road Warrior Photo Shoot - Todd Ballmer & Mj Wilson - Photo by Mj Wilson Photography

We even took to the barren, dusty fields of California one day, clad in our leather finery and put a camera on a tripod to shoot ourselves in all our warrior glory. Most of the photos sucked, but these two turned out.

I found the following movie review that I thought summed up the movie pretty well.
Road Warrior synopsis

Then I found the following email from Todd, where he kind of ruined all my good memories, of our “Road Warrior” days!
Road Warrior vs Planet of the Apes email from Todd Ballmer

Mel Gibson as The Road WarriorLucky for me, I don’t think I EVER saw any of the “Ape” movies, so one night, last year, Road Warrior came on the TV Station I had on and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it again and reliving ALL the leather glory of it, including the Blonde haired Biker Boy (below), who gets killed off very early in the film, who looked just like my friend, Randy Roth!

Biker Boys from Road Warrior
If you’ve never seen the epic Road Warrior movies, do yourself a favor and rent the DVD. They are classic, and this one is the best!

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