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Rescue Ink & LCA Red Carpet Annual Gala

I choose to support Animal Charities and Rescue Ink has been the newest addition to my roster of favorite non-profit groups. Animals don’t have a “voice” yet the big hearted guys from Rescue Ink speak loud enough for them.

They call themselves “The Army for the Animals” and I can’t think of a better army to have behind you, supporting your cause.

I’ve been speaking to Jen Palazzo, of Rescue Ink, about offering our services to the group, for a charity event. We couldn’t pull anything together for this trip but she said they wanted to talk about future projects. Since I was going to be in New York, I asked if we could meet up and she suggested that I come meet them on Wednesday night, at the LCA Event at Sway Lounge.

Jen couldn’t make it that night but her husband (pictured above on the left) graciously took the time to talk with me about what we might be able to work on together.

Last Chance for Animals Red Carpet Annual Gala at Sway LoungeI got to hear some interesting “back” stories about the group as well. I asked him if they worked full-time jobs or if Rescue Ink was a full-time job, what with their rescues and their Nat Geo TV show. He said that he had worked for the Police Force for a long time and after the Rescue Ink show had come out, he went out on a domestic disturbance call and instead of arresting anyone the people ended up wanting to take photos with him! Apparently that didn’t go over too well with his boss, so he was transferred to another department!

I spent close to an hour at the Event and the guys graciously posed for photos with anyone who requested them. I even used a few personal cameras to help people get their own shots with the group.

I never ask for photos with people but I found it amusing that I saw part of my head, in a photo from the event! I’ve added an arrow so you can find me in the crowd!

We look forward to being able to help out Rescue Ink in any way we can!

Check out the Rescue Ink website here.

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