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Rental Car Death Trap

I was at the Gasparilla Film Festival last night, and Kevin was shooting a wedding in Winter Haven. It was around 11 pm and I was wondering why I hadn’t heard from him yet, since he should already have gotten home.

Then I get a text that his car was towed. I was confused? How did his car get towed from a wedding? This also happened to be a rental car, because his car was in the shop.

Turns out I missed his first text, which said he had gotten into a crash.

This accident happened less than 2 miles from our house, when some 16-year-old kid, who “just got his license two months ago”, decided to turn left, in front of Kevin, who was driving 60 mph.

Thank God Kevin turned his steering wheel to the left, to try and avoid the crash, but he ended up clipping the rear of the kid’s truck and the collision sent both of their cars spinning into 180’s.

Both air bags deployed in the car and thankfully, Kevin walked away with just a bump to his knee.

This is a sobering photo because judging by the condition of this car, Kevin is lucky to have walked away alive.

You never know how quickly things can happen or how quickly your life can change.

Hopefully this photo and this post will remind people to PAY ATTENTION while you’re driving.

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