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Quad City Dj’s: CMon N Ride It (The Train)

Most of my music “memories” are of the Rock genre since I liked Rock music, went to Rock concerts, dated Rock Musicians, etc.

Being a Wedding Photographer opened me up to all sorts of music that I never would have heard (or listened to) under any other circumstance.

There were songs I heard at weddings that made me cringe (Butterfly Kisses), one song that actually brought tears to my eyes when it was played during a young couple’s first dance (Everything by Lifehouse) and then came along the ubiquitous Wedding Reception song by the Quad City DJ’s, C’Mon ‘N Ride It (The Train).

I don’t know how old this song is, or when I first heard it, but I ran across it on YouTube the other day and it just cracked me up.

I remember one wedding where Doug Decker (from the Grant Hemond DJ crew) and I were lip syncing the lyrics to this song, just to amuse ourselves!

Even funnier than that was when I was waiting in line at the airport Post Office one day, and this song came on the radio. Me and one other girl in line, were the only two who knew all the lyrics, so we shared a music moment together during our wait!

“Right about now is about that time for me to Holla’
Girl I want to wallow
in the back of my Impala

Ahh…Good times!

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