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Family Portraits

Family Portrait Sessions - Mj Wilson PhotographyWhat better way to sell a Family Portrait Session than to show you photos from an actual Family Portrait Session?

Here is a Family that has become part of my family – Eric, Karen and Vanessa Vichich.

Eric is one of my Staff Photographers and he has been shooting alongside me for years, as well as covering events on his own. It has been a pleasure having Eric by my side and to be able to know his gorgeous wife Karen, and cute-as-a-Pixie daughter, Vanessa, is just icing on the cake. Vanessa and I also have this special bond, because every time she comes over to “Auntie Mj’s” house, she gets to go play on my Princess Bed!

The fun of any Portrait Session, that involves children, is you never know where that shoot is going to end up. The sets might change on a moment’s notice, we might have to sing as a trade-off for a smile, we might have to beg, pretend to cry, offer cookies, do anything, to get the kids to cooperate with us.

I hope that looking through the photos that were taken for their Family Holiday Card you will see the genuine emotions that came out and perhaps even laugh at some of the poses. (Sample Images)

Let me capture some unforgettable moments for you and your family.

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