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Engagement Sessions

Studio Engagement Photo Session - Mj Wilson PhotographyThere is nothing more fun than photographing a couple who are so obviously in love with each other, and who seem to “speak” their own language, without using words.

Kristen & Ryan came to my Studio, for their Engagement Photo Session, and they had me cracking up almost as much as they were.

The two of them had such a good time together that I just kept shooting and shooting, and if I was able to capture one serious image, they then provided half a dozen goofy ones following. (I even had to show the last frame, which shows “how” I had them posed, which contributed partly, to their silly behavior.)

I wanted to include all the images taken during Kristen & Ryan’s Photo Session, so prospective Clients can see that Studio Engagement Sessions don’t have to be boring. It’s all in how the subjects interact with each other. (Sample Images)

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