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Photo Op with Comedian Bill Burr

Comedian Bill Burr and Kevin Shawn Wilson at the Orlando Improv

Not only did we get the chance to see our favorite Comedian perform live again, we actually got to meet Bill Burr after his September 8th Show at The Improv in Orlando.

Kevin is usually not very demonstrative, so why he chose to make such a silly face in this photo, is beyond me!

At least Kevin had the balls to have his photo taken with Bill. I was so nervous, all I could do was shake Bill’s hand.

We saw Bill at Carnegie Hall last year but it seemed that he was funnier during his Orlando show. I laughed so hard that night my throat was sore!

What surprised me most that night was how different Bill is offstage. I guess I always expect entertainers to be the same person offstage that they are on stage, but they rarely are. Bill’s comedy is so opinionated, and he is so loud and in your face during his stand up show, but he is very soft spoken when you actually meet him.

It was very generous of Bill to stick around after his Orlando show to meet and greet his fans. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet him in person and we even bought a second copy of his Comedy DVD Let it Go, just so he could autograph it for us.

If you haven’t seen Bill perform live yet, you can find out his Show schedule, buy his Comedy DVD’s, or listen to his Monday Morning Podcast on the Bill Burr website. Or better yet, check out his recurring role on Breaking Bad.

To get a dose of Bill Burr humor check out his hilarious bit on Muffins below!

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