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Peter Dayton Band: Perfect Wave

Our “Homage” film to Perfect Wave – one of our favorite songs by the Peter Dayton Band.

The Peter Dayton Band was one of my favorite Boston Bands and they were one of the few East Coast bands that came out to LA to play the clubs. We were so enamored with this song of theirs, that we HAD to make a movie for it!

I have no recollection of even making this movie, but since everyone in it, is a friend of mine, I can only assume I was behind the camera! It’s ridiculous to look at now, but since this song isn’t even on YouTube, I thought I would share it!

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  • Hi!
    So funny that I found your site by looking for Todd!! We went to HS together and were great friends. I went to Oregon in 97 and spent a day with him but have kind of lost touch since then.. I definately appreciate the appeal of Todd!! Is there anyway to get ahold of him? Or maybe you could pass on my email to him?
    I’ve been trying to find him for awhile and just happened to type his name in again to FB.. But he’s too cool for that !! ha ha.

    Thanks much.. Lola

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