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Paolo Nutini: Graham Norton Show

I love watching the Graham Norton show on BBC, because you get to see odd mixes of celebrities having fun and usually cutting up about themselves. On this particular show, Graham had a Musician I had never heard of before, called Paoli Nutini.

Oh Dear God. I am in love with Paolo this song! It’s called Scream (Funk my Life Up) and it’s from Paolo’s newest album called Caustic Love. His performance on this Graham Norton Show is my favorite version of this song and I will post a link to another version I like as well.

The official music video for this song doesn’t have the same intensity as these two performances do, and the album version sounds different as well.

Paolo is playing at Webster Hall, in New York City tomorrow, but unfortunately the show was sold out, by the time I heard about it. (Boo Hoo!)

This is the best new song I have heard in a long time, so enjoy this young, uber-talented, “blue-eyed soul” singer!

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