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Oh No I Didn’t!

Steven Tyler inspired Studded Jeans by Andrew CharlesWhat can I say?

I was pretty much delirious after spending about 3-4 hours, trying on dozens of different pairs of jeans.

I thought I was done shopping…I was only trying to find a second pair to buy, of a style that I really liked.

Then I saw the rack of Steven Tyler inspired, Andrew Charles jeans for women.

Then I saw the studs (if you read my blog, you know how I feel about studs.)

I argued with myself that I would not buy jeans with studs on them, much less ones that were “inspired by” Steven Tyler…that was just pushing it too far…

I argued back: “What would it hurt to try them on?”

They fit like a glove and they were long enough to wear with boots.

I actually laughed out loud when I saw my reflection in the mirror, with them on.

I asked the salesgirl if she thought I was crazy to even think about buying them.

She said they were “Super Cute.”

They were also 75% off retail.

I may never wear them in public but they ended up coming home with me.

How could I resist?!

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