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Max the Skull Ring

Max the Skull Ring

So, apparently I gave this ring to Todd, as is evident by the previous post. As usual, I don’t remember where I bought this ring but I do remember a funny story about it.

Max (the Skull ring) went with us on our pre-graduation trip to Boston and New York in 1983 (Boston Revisited Part 2 – which I haven’t even started to write about yet!) Max went with us into some slimy New York City Dance Club, where we snuck in our own vodka cause the drinks were so expensive. Max ran home in the rain with us, he ate cheeseburgers at 2am in some Diner with us and then he screeched, along with us, when the roaches came out at night, in the apartment a friend had lent us to sleep in.

I remember we slept in armchairs that night because we were too afraid to sleep on the mattress, that was on the floor with the roaches. While I don’t remember the name of that club in New York, I do remember that we hid our umbrella under some bench and I had to sit in Todd’s lap, and pretend to make out with him, so we could secretly pour the illegal vodka into the sodas we had purchased there.

There is even a Super 8 movie we made during that trip to New York, that I can’t find, for the life of me, where my gay bodybuilder friend Mark comes up and tries to steal my bag and when I don’t let go, he just throws me over his shoulder and runs off with me!

When we got back to Boston, after our harrowing experience in New York, we were eating sub sandwiches in some deli in Beacon Hill and just chatting about our experiences in New York. This little old lady came up to us and said to Todd: “Excuse me, may I see your ring?” Todd showed her how Max opened his mouth and she said: “Ooh! The little bastard!”

We about fell off our chairs we were laughing so hard!

That moment was probably the highlight of our entire trip.

And, as you can see, Max is a very unique ring!

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