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Lüc Carl: The Drunk Diet

Are there really “Hot” boys like this still around?!

I received a Twitter notification the other day, that Lüc Carl was “following” me. I had no idea who he was so I clicked through to his website.

I found out (among other things) that Lüc is from Brooklyn, NY and is the author of The Drunk Diet – He also blogs about his approach to fitness, dieting and general observations about life. Most of the posts are thought provoking and some are downright hilarious! He even gives away free stickers and T-shirts for his Drunk Diet brand. He’s also apparently training to run a marathon. Good for him!

I find his blog posts refreshing and funny and his outlook on keeping in shape, great. He also found a unique voice to use in the ubiquitous world of diet books. You have to watch his “Exercise Videos” that are shot on the top of a bar, with him dressed like he is ready to go on stage! I kept waiting for the “spoof” to begin, but he was totally serious about giving out training tips.

Another thing that I noticed on his blog…like every other musician/artist that I’ve known in my life, the images on Lüc’s blog don’t do him justice at all. He is an amazingly beautiful boy, and the photos shown of him just don’t showcase that at all. Bad lighting, bad lens choices, bad posing, etc., all contribute to make a bad photo.

What IS the aversion that everyone has with hiring a PRO photographer to shoot photos? Or for that matter, trading out services to get professional photos taken? Sad to say, most of the great photos my friends have of themselves, are the photos that I took of them. If I only knew them for a short time, then those are the ONLY good photos they have of themselves, from their entire lifetime! There is something really wrong about that. It’s wonderful to be able to share memories with people, through photos that I took, but WHERE is the rest of your life?

Hey Lüc – You look amazing now, so be sure to keep up the physical training side of your life but also be sure to chronicle your journey with GREAT photos. As a matter of fact, I’m coming to New York next month and would love to schedule a photo shoot with you. One thing that I am good at is I DO know how to make pretty boys look good! 🙂

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Visit Lüc Carl’s Blog – DrunkDiet.com – Get Ripped with Lüc Carl

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