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Krystyna & Steven Silva

Krystyna was my best friend and roommate in Boston, then LA, then LA again…

Steve Silva & Krystyna Burzminski - Los AngelesThis photo was taken at my Going Away Party, when I left LA, to move to Florida. (Yes, I know I am all over the place, with my posts today!)

I think I met Steven Silva a few times in LA, but I didn’t know him as well as Krystyna did. (I know he is friends with Jeff Thomas too.)

Rumor has it that Steven played with the infamous Boston Band, Thundertrain, back in the day, but that was definitely before any of the days that I lived out there.

Although….my Diary says that I did see Thundertrain once, back in my Boston (Part 1) days.

I know Krystyna loved Thundertrain so perhaps that is why she is so happy to be in this photo?!


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