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If it’s Wednesday I must be in Miami

Iguanas in Miami

In the past month and a half, I’ve been to Ft. Lauderdale/Miami twice, in New York City for a week and then back home, in between.

My trips are all centered around shopping since I have to buy stock for my bi-weekly Handbag sales on Beyond the Rack.

It was a beautiful day in Miami yesterday…low 70’s, bright and sunny. I thought that I should stop by a beach (which I never do) to take a photo to post on my blog, of the scenery that I never get to see.

Then something happened that changed that thought.

I was on the Highway 595 on-ramp, near Plantation Florida, when I saw something moving towards me. As I got closer I almost drove off the road when I saw the creature pictured here, running as fast as it could, on that highway on-ramp towards me!

This is an Iguana, which have become native to the South F;orida area, but the shocking thing was, the one running up the on-ramp towards me was at least six feet in length. It looked to be the size of an alligator!

I feel bad for any European tourists, who might have also seen this creature, because it was so large, and just running around freely, that they must be shocked to think there are creatures of that size, just roaming the South Florida highway system.

Gotta love Florida! You never know what you’ll see next.

Click the link below to read more about these creatures, courtesy of the University of Florida IFAS Extension. This article also has a photo of their teeth, because apparently they can, and do, bite people! Yikes.

Dealing with Iguanas in the South Florida landscape

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