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I lost my (Canal Street) Virginity

I finally got to meet my “Gal Pal” Lizzie who I’ve been working with at Portero.com for over a year. Photos of her do not do her justice at all, as she is just gorgeous in person, (but a goofball when it comes to taking photos!)

We decided to meet up on Wednesday so she could give me a “tour” of the infamous Canal Street, where millions of people apparently shop for designer knock-off handbags that they “think” look like the real thing. I have never been to Canal Street but had to see for myself, what it actually looked like and what kind of products they sold there.

We couldn’t have picked a more miserable day to shop. For all the drizzle we had been having earlier in the week, Wednesday turned into a torrential downpour. I am like a cat in the rain…I can’t stand it. I have never been so wet in my life! I was wet from the top of my head, through the soles of my boots! It kind of went along with the “seediness” that Canal Street projects though.

Rainy Day on Canal Street - New York CityElizabeth and I were both carrying designer bags (me a Chanel and her a Balenciaga) and it was amusing how many people came up to us going: “Louis Vuitton lady? Chanel handbag lady?” They then wanted to show us photos of their “stock” on their phones and then lead us down an alley to see the actual items for sale. Uh. NO! I don’t think so! I’m not walking down any alleyway with a REAL Chanel on my shoulder! I didn’t need to see crap that desperately. And for the record, there is NOTHING worth buying on Canal Street.

People – let me make one thing perfectly clear here…for those of you that purchase these knock-off handbags (whether from Canal Street, a Purse Party or a Flea Market) you aren’t fooling anyone! Those of us that purchase real designer bags can spot a fake from two blocks away. If you can’t afford a real designer handbag or designer watch then purchase a handbag or watch that is within your price range. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Take the time, to save up the money, to buy that luxury item you want. Designer brands go on sale all the time (which is what I resell on my Luxe Purses website). When purchasing designer bags on sale, you might not get your “Dream” handbag, but you will be able to buy into a designer brand, at a much lower price point.

Canal Street - New York CitySTOP with the fakes! It really is so pathetic to see people carrying their fake Chanel bags, so proudly on their arms. I’ve even seen women walk into an actual Chanel Boutique, carrying a fake Chanel handbag on their arm! You are all being laughed at for doing this, so STOP IT!

If you haven’t educated yourself yet, on the knock-off trade and how it hurts people, business AND Children, read about it at the Facebook page of: Fakes Are Never in Fashion.

Being ignorant about this issue is no longer an excuse.

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