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I do carry Bad Girl Chanel Bags

Chanel Chain Around Maxi Flap

My favorite Chanel Bag – The Chanel Chain Around Maxi Flap

Over the years, I’ve purchased hundreds of Chanel handbags for my company Luxe Purses. I’ve seen them, handled them, put them on my shoulder to see how they feel and felt how they would wear. 99.9% of those bags have gone out the door for resale. Some I’ve kept for awhile and then realized they just didn’t fit my lifestyle. Others I’ve kept because I wear them all the time. I was never really interested in traditional “Classic” Chanel Flap Bags for myself. I bought one in distressed Brown Leather and returned it. I bought another in Red Leather and ended up selling it. I came to the conclusion that I just wasn’t a “Flap” kind of gal.

Until I saw this bag and almost fainted.

Chanel Chain Around Maxi FlapIt’s called the “Chain Around” Maxi Flap from Chanel’s 2011 Cruise Collection. This Maxi Flap was very limited and sold out almost instantly. It has distressed Black Lambskin Leather and heavy, chunky Silver chains around the whole body of the bag, and on the shoulder straps.

There couldn’t be a better bag for me.

One of the first times I wore it out shopping, I overheard someone say: “Now that’s a handbag!”

Indeed it is!

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