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Helping the Economy in New York City

Shopping for Handbags in New York City with Mj Wilson

I flew to New York.

I shopped.

I shipped 50 pounds of handbags back home!

Yes, 50 pounds, plus the eight Luxury bags I had to buy a separate roll on case for!

Each trip to New York City gets better. My first trip back, last year, I only found one bag for myself. The next trip I found four bags (to resell). The next trip I found eight. I was shocked at all the bargains I found on my trip this time.

I made a new friend at Bloomingdales when I bought 17 bags there. I was stranded on 57th and 8th, at the TJ Maxx store, when I bought more bags than I could carry. (Where is your car, when you need it?) It was a Friday night, there were no cabs to be had, so I had to put out a Mayday call to Kevin, who was enjoying himself at a Museum. He made it to my corner, in about an hour, and then we lugged five bags full of purses to the Subway and then back to our hotel.

The three bags pictured above are just a sample of what I found on my shopping trip. The Balenciaga Work bag I found on my first day there. The Chanel PNY Expandable Flap Bag and Chanel Precious Symbols Yen Wallet I found four hours before we left. Nothing like shopping until the very last minute.

I’ve been back from New York for over a month but have been so busy I haven’t had time to blog about anything or get any of my “finds” online. Some of the bags will be in my sale this week on Beyond the Rack, and the rest will be on my Luxe Purses website very soon.

Like I’ve said before – if you want to find great deals on Handbags, you need to come shopping with me! I already do major damage every time I shop in South Florida and now I am making a dent when shopping in New York City.


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